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Showing you how to organize ideas, improve workflows and increase productivity.


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Wolfgang Weicht

Imagineer by Design
Hey, I'm a Creative Business Consultant from Frankfurt, Germany. I have over 25y of experience in digital transformation.


You can‘t hurry love. Relationships do need time to deliver their full potential, but I believe the returns become more sustainable than a short term ROI.


Say hi! To a stranger. I am a curator. I connect people who have something in common. I build bridges for discoveries and help them to feel empowered.


Step into the unknown. I help to develop the big picture for the future, but also ensure that there is a plan for the first small steps into manifestation.


I was responsible for the first launch of the German homepage in 1997. The German site stood out because it was different from the American offers with a wide offer of information to satisfy the German market requirements. A consistent positive feedback from press, cinema owners and fans confirmed this concept.


„Are You ready for Honda?“ was the task of the Facebook channel with the same name to make this brand message more concrete for German motorcyclists and to ensure their brand loyalty. A holistic view of the fan base as well as the brand demand was the key to success for the community management.


As data is everywhere, data analytics is a key topic to generate new knowledge and solve problems. As part of the Analytics Business team in ASG, I was responsible for setting up the open innovation strategy and develop new perspectives on the future.

I am ready for any project. Contact me.

This is Wolfgang Weicht

There are those who surf the web,
and there are those who make the waves.

After two mindless semesters at the University, Wolfgang founded the multimedia studio D.A.V.E., where he began to develop online marketing concepts to promote blockbusters movies in Germany in the late 90s.

As a consultant, he has been developing broadband entertainment applications for Deutsche Telekom. Being involved in several start-up projects with all ups and downs he took a break from the new-economy hype, running an art house cinema and working as a chef.

Since 2009 he is actively involved in building up a vivid local tech community. He is the executive producer of TEDxRheinMain and loves to host hackathons. For over 25years Wolfgang is now helping global brands, enterprises, and institutes to see beyond the teller rand.

Delivering Non-Artificial Intelligence since 1994



Developing a deep understanding of the situation and defining the problem.



Looking outside the box for potential solutions, ranging from improvements to transformations.



Making the solution more tangible in an iterative process, to get from thinking to doing.



Using analytics to get from a gut feeling to a verified fact, ensuring that knowledge is created.


Wide & Powerful


Work History
2015 - 2016Senior Manager Advanced Analytics & Open Innovation


Senior manager for the center of excellence in advanced analytics in Germany. The core task was to set up a local eco-system for data-driven innovation. This included the development of strategic alliances, internal and external activities, as well as prototyping first ideas and concepts.

2012 - 2013Social Media Consultant

Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr

Senior consultant for social media. Developing brand strategies for national clients. Projects included repositioning of brands, facilitating media channels to generate customer insights and offer customer support.

2011 - 2012Digital Planner & Concept Develeoper

Kastner & Partners

Digital planner and concept developer for the global activities of Red Bull. Projects included creative consulting for national paid media campaigns and development of combined on- and offline campaigns to support the brand internationally.

2010 - 2011Strategy Planner & Concept Developer


Strategy planner and concept developer for the national digital activities of Honda Deutschland. Tasks included structuring the launch of their social media activities, content development and community building and management.

2009 - 2010UX Designer & Project Manager

Deutsche Telekom

UX designer and project manager for the access software of Deutsche Telekom. The project included the full workflow of software development and management; from visualizing first drafts, to developing workflows for the support hotline.

My Education

My Education

2007 - 2008Project Management

AFW Businessakademie

Distance study as a certified project manager. Studies included the basics of project management, definition of project goals, moderation of project meetings, cost estimation in projects, risk management and Project application.

Skills and Expertise

My Projects

TEDxRheinMain is a world-class conference about Innovation, Creativity, and Ideas based in Frankfurt, Germany. TEDxRheinMain is one of the first TEDx events in Germany – started in 2011. Its main goal is to develop and leverage the TED experience at a regional level, uniting innovators, thinkers, inspirational speakers, shakers, makers, and breakers.

DataViz RheinMain is a group for anyone interested in the world of data visualization. It’s a meetup for people who generate insight from data, share their work, knowledge, and love to get feedback from others. The focus is on the journey that happens from data to storytelling.

Open Data is the entrance not only to deep knowledge and understanding but also to collaborative actions that can have a huge social impact on our life as citizens. Developers, Designers, Librarians, Statisticians, Citizens – everybody can make a difference and is very welcome to the Open Data Day

NASA is on a mission to foster innovation around challenges affecting us at home and in space. As one of the world’s largest international annual hackathons, they designed Space Apps for problem solvers like you. This 48-hour event inspires citizen teamwork for positive change across every skill level and discipline.