What makes Wolfgang unique?


I am open-minded, often coming up with new and interesting ideas. I enjoy novelty and change and avoid routine as much as possible.


I am very imaginative and pay close attention to how things look. I value diversity and welcome difference.

I succeed through …

  • my curiosity
  • my vivid imagination and ability to see things others don’t
  • my adaptability

On a good day, I leap enthusiastically into the unknown. On a bad day, I avoid repetitive tasks.


I stand out for my original thinking. I am always looking to find a new angle — an idea that no one’s tried before.

I succeed through …

  • my ability to innovate
  • my lateral thinking
  • my love of new ideas

On a good day, I enjoy coming up with innovative solutions.  On a bad day, I feel constrained by routine.



As an Analytical thinker, I pick up information faster than most. I am very good at working out the components of complex tasks, opinions, and ideas and this assists you in finding solutions. I have a very good ability to evaluate problems as you can easily spot the details and patterns they contain.


I prefer to think through a situation before diving in. I use reason and logic to get to the heart of a problem.

I succeed through …

  • being able to learn quickly
  • remaining objective
  • taking time to think

On a good day, I think in a structured, logical way. On a bad day, I can place too much emphasis on being analytical.



I enjoy meeting new people, making contacts and helping my network. My ability to read and influence others means I am comfortable in most social situations.


It takes a lot for me to feel the pressure. I am good at keeping a cool head, and staying upbeat and focused.

I succeed through …

  • my confidence
  • staying positive
  • not worrying too much

On a good day, I stay calm when stress levels rise. On a bad day, I may not realize when others are stressed.


Social events are something I am naturally good at. I prefer being around people and I enjoy making new connections.

I succeed through …

  • being comfortable around people
  • being energized by spending time with others
  • taking an interest in others

On a good day, I thrive on meeting new people. On a bad day, I can find it hard to work alone.


I am sympathetic and warm. I prefer to avoid conflict and try to be as tactful as possible. I am also accommodating of other people’s needs.

I succeed through …

  • my sense of fairness
  • my ability to resolve confrontations
  • my ability to empathize

On a good day; I have strong social skills. On a bad day; I avoid giving critical feedback.


Although I have your my views, I also value the people around me. That’s why I am good at listening to the opinions of others.

I succeed through …

  • being independent yet needed within a team
  • working in the group’s interests
  • hearing outside opinions

On a good day, I am naturally supportive of colleagues. On a bad day; I can be too influenced by others’ need.



I am self-confident and determined to produce work that’s consistently strong. I have a sense of competition that motivates me, I value the respect of my peers and want to be recognized for my achievements or the quality of my work.


I am highly meticulous and most likely have a plan. I am thorough and never miss a detail, which is why I am so efficient and reliable.

I succeed through …

  • my close level of attention
  • my perfectionism
  • being so consistent

On a good day, I can be relied on to deliver. On a bad day, I get frustrated by tasks that don’t have clear deliverables.


I am comfortable in my own skin and really believe in myself; in turn, others believe in me too. I am really good at hiding insecurities if I have them.

I succeed through …

  • presenting myself as highly capable
  • taking the lead
  • meeting challenges head-on

On a good day, I am comfortable in the limelight. On a bad day, I have high expectations for myself.


I am motivated and ambitious so my work hard to make a real difference. I expect a lot from yourself.

I succeed through …

  • my natural ambition
  • my determination
  • having clear goals

On a good day, I strive to reach my goals. On a bad day, I can overshadow less driven colleagues.


Ps.: Based on a self-assessment test by University College London and Columbia University New York